Ali’s Sanity Refeed Month No-Scale Challenge!

(Wow, that is a really long name.)

I have posted a few times about this in the last two days, but I decided to post official “rules” and goals for the next month.

  • No scale. Period. No weighing in until August 29. The point of the Sanity Refeed is to “refeed” my sanity, meaning I can’t allow myself to be consumed by the number on that scale. That drives me crazy more often than anything else.
  • Measurements will be taken July 30, August 15, and August 29 to gauge progress. Pictures will be taken on all three of these days for the sake of measuring progress as well.
  • I am going to focus on clean eating - including fresh produce, no meat except the occasional seafood, minimal grains, and lots of fruit/veggie juicing. I will still occasionally eat protein bars, but only certain brands, and only on really tough days.
  • I am going to have a go at calorie cycling - I’ll post my plan for that on my new food log blog.
  • That’s right! I made a blog specifically for food logs for this month. I haven’t edited the layout or set everything up yet, but when I do, I will post the link for it.
  • I am going to focus on types of exercise I really like - running, biking, rock-climbing, soccer, dance, hooping. I am going to try only lifting weights one day a week each for upper/lower body, and focus on more bodyweight/at home exercises.
  • I really want to be able to do a full pull up with zero assistance by the end of the month. This is going to be hard since I can’t even work my upper body for another week due to my tattoo, but I am determined to work on pull ups virtually every day (unless someone can make a valid argument against that).
  • If my doctors approve, I am going to do a veggie/fruit juice fast for seven days this month. Whole produce juiced at home, no solid foods for seven days. But only if my doctors approve.
  • I am going to work on becoming as knowledgeable about nutrition as I possible can before the semester starts. I have checked out books for the library and will gladly take recommendations for source material to help me with this.
  • Non-fitness goals: take my recovery more seriously, read more fantasy/fiction, write every single day, write/film/edit/publish a short film. I’ll post more when I come up with them.

I think that’s plenty. I’ll make an “official” post with just the rules that apply to everyone, then link this page and my food log blog. As usual, I have come up with my own hashtag: alissanityrefeed. :] Looking forward to another adventure, fitblrs!

A reminder that one night cannot ruin all of your progress:

With the exception of some water retention in my lower belly, my body is basically the same as it was before my party last night. I bet if I weighed myself, the number would be up, but the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the abs) - my body has not been in any way drastically aesthetically changed by my pizza/cake/cookie consumption.

Message, to myself and anyone reading this: Do not be afraid of food. Do not think that one night of indulgence with your friends is going to ruin your progress. Enjoy foods that aren’t the best for you every now and then. Enjoy living your life instead of allowing it to be bound, measured, and limited by food, weight, and fear.

Enjoyed five wonderful slices of pizza. :]

The pieces were fairly small (as per typical Cici’s standards). Ate slowly until I was full. No bingeing. Minimal guilt, which I am combating (and defeating) with logic. I am a little bloated and icky now, but I would say it was totally worth it.

Hope you are ready for defeat, ED. I am winning this effing war.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Squatz + Deadliftz that I missed today
  • 5K Run on the indoor track or treadmill (whichever I feel like)
  • 25K Stationary Bike Ride
  • Sprints (8 x 100m)

Bring it on!

P.S. You guys are seriously amazing. Thank you for your endless support. <3

Ever since my graduation party, I have been terrified of pizza.

I was so out of control and ate so much and got so sick and gained a crapton of water weight. Since then, I have only eaten pizza once - at AKON - and felt guilty for days afterwards, despite losing weight over that weekend.

Tonight I craved pizza. I have been sick all day, and eaten barely 1200 calories, and suddenly felt like eating pizza. But I felt so scared and anxious about it, I almost ate nothing instead.

What a wakeup call.

So I ordered some effing pizza. And I am going to eat as much as I want. And if I even get a hint of guilt, I am going to come on here and write a letter to myself listing all the reasons I shouldn’t let such a yummy food make me feel so bad about myself.

The feminist in me is screaming that this mentality is so ridiculous and that I am allowed to eat whatever I want. Because I am. I work freaking hard daily to make myself better physically and mentally. One night of pizza - no matter how much - is not going to undo any of it.

You are losing, ED.

You know what’s sad?

I can’t remember the last time I ate something simply because I wanted to, without worrying about fitting it into a meal plan or bingeing because I had been depriving myself (see: graduation party). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat anything now that I don’t like the taste of. I just haven’t enjoyed food, or eaten something because I wanted to eat it without thinking of protein, carbs, fat, and calories in a ridiculously long time. Maybe a year? Longer than that?

This must be remedied, but I don’t know how. Food anxiety sucks.

We lost. Again.

BUT I MADE A GOAL TONIGHT. So I don’t really care. :D

You guys have no idea how much joining this team has helped my recovery. Finding something in fitness that I am good at - genuinely, intuitively, naturally good at - that has nothing to do with burning calories or losing weight, is just so empowering.

Now, I need to eat more. Filming my hooping tutorial led to a half hour hooping session. That plus the game (again, only one sub) equals well over 1000 calories burned. I need about 500 more calories from a low-sodium high-carb source. Any ideas?

Whoa, baby!

I leave Tumblr for a few hours to get my workout on and I gain about twenty followers! :D

Well, hello there! To those of you new to reading my blog, my name is Ali. I will be doing a formal new “About Me” later tonight - after I have some time to process this amazingness. I am extremely flattered that you have chosen to follow my blog and I hope you like what you read!

I will also be getting to all of your messages over the course of the evening. But first! My post-workout meal: stir-fry veggies, greek yogurt, possibly a PBJ, and 100% fruit juice. Oh, and about half a gallon of water (you think I’m kidding).

Good morning!

I want to wish all my American followers a happy fourth! I am not doing anything special today (unless you count studying for a test and writing a paper), but I hope you guys enjoy the day with your families/friends. :]

Would anyone here be interested in food logs? I wouldn’t post caloric info, just because I am trying to focus less on that right now, but just posting what I’m eating?

Plans for today:

  • Fitness: W1D3 of C25K + 20K bike ride + misc (handstands, yoga, mini trampoline, maybe a little upper body work, but I haven’t decided yet)
  • School: Work on my final project, study for final exam, read Cathy’s Book
  • Blog: Redesign major blog/prog blog, rewrite “about me” page, new progress pictures, new outfits from Goodwill (Whoops! Meant to do this yesterday.)
  • Misc: Watch The Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine, Following

Let’s do this! Time to dominate the day.

Post-workout Dinner.
EVOO + portabella mushrooms + green bell peppers + celery + carrots + white onion + garlic = AMAZING.
Plus a protein shake (greek yogurt + raspberries + blueberries) and a PBJ sandwich.
Yeah, I was hungry. Munching on a rice cake as I type this. :]
Alright, so I burned 850 calories during that kickass workout.

My question is this: do I need to eat all of them back?

Right now, I am at about 1900 consumed today. I am not looking to lose a lot quickly (maybe 1 lb a week, but less is okay) - so in theory, I should be netting anywhere between 1600-1900. Do I need to eat enough to net this amount to keep my body from breaking down my muscles?

I am so sick of asking this question.

Now this is what I call breakfast.
Two low-fat nutrigrain waffles.Two scrambled eggs in spray canola oil.One cup of Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal in 1/2 cup of Light Vanilla Silk.Two bags of Folgers instant coffee with two liquid creamers.20oz of H20.
That awkward moment when you realize that your normal breakfast is twice as big as most people’s.

I am sitting here thinking, “How does that sustain you all morning?!”

Why am I so hungry?!

Just ate some frozen waffles (I know…) and a PBJ, and I am still hungry. Wherefore art thou hungry, body?!

I’m already over 2000 today, and since I am trying to lose weight, I probably won’t eat much more tonight. I have already burned (according to my HRM) about 1000 doing my various work-related errands, walking to and from class, etc. I am going to try to work out at home tonight, but with my knees still aching and my stomach still uneasy, I don’t know what I am going to be able to get through.

What are your plans tonight?

Sort of a revelation.

Okay - so, for women, the bare minimum caloric intake should be somewhere around 1200, right? That’s the basic amount that the average female body needs to function. This means this is how much my body would burn if I was totally sedentary - my liver, kidney, stomach, heart, lung, and brain function would burn that many calories.

This means my net needs to AT LEAST be 1200 everyday.

Any extra activity - such as conferencing, which is quite a bit of sitting, but also a lot of walking, particularly up and down stairs/hills and long distances from one building to another - burns calories OVER that 1200. They don’t “not count” like I have been trying to convince myself for the last month or so (with my new job where I was on my feet for 7 hours and the conferences I have been attending recently). I need to be aware how active I already am every day on top of my workouts (today’s was light for me - only 400 burned).

So that 1300 calories my HRM told me I burned “conferencing” today? Those count. I don’t have eat back every single one of them, but I need to try to get my net as close to 1200 as possible to keep my body functioning properly.

Please note: I am an exception. I am extremely active, moreso than the average person, and so I have to be very careful with this. From what I have read, 1200 is really too low for most people, but net calories really only seem to play a role when someone works out intensely 6-7 days a week (like me).

Uh oh.

Realized I have gotten a grand total of 7 hours of sleep in the last 48.

Dan is going to kill me.

But that explains why I am so freaking hungry. I have been fairly active in those 48 hours, too, not just lounging around. And VERY active (i.e. walking around with at least 60 lbs worth of luggage, maybe more for a total of probably two hours?) since I was dropped off at DFW.

My poor body. Trying to listen to it and eat when I need to, even if that means going over my “limit” for today.

EDIT: According to several sites (which, eh, I don’t exactly trust - I’d rather go by my HRM), I have burned at least 1000 calories since I was dropped off at DFW just from carrying my luggage. I feel less bad about that latte now.