The Story

I have done so many different blogs - fan blogs, personal blogs, and, most recently, fitness blogs - but never have I combined them into one space. Until now.

I am a proud nerd, as well as a proud athlete. Too many times do I feel like I must keep these two aspects of myself separate from one another. Whether it’s peer pressure, societal pressure, or self-pressure to define myself as one thing, I am always one version of me or the other.

Then, after attending an anime convention where I presented both sides of myself simultaneously without being completely aware of it, I realized - why not combine the two (or three or four - why limit the amount of mes?) into one, super-awesome, kick-ass, fanchick fitchick me?

So this is it. The final frontier, taken on by the one me - both athlete and geek. The girl recovering from an eating disorder and the girl who actually enjoys researching random science fiction shit at the library. The girl who is writing her graduate thesis over video game studies/anime/science fiction (haven’t decided yet), and the girl who lives off the adrenaline of strength training. The two/four/six mes are no longer opposing forces, but an uber-team of badassery, kindness, and concern for others.

I am not one thing. And neither are you - so talk to me. Let’s be humanly complex together and say a big “EFF YOU!” to all the supposed-to-bes and should-have-beens and labels, imposed by others and ourselves.

You will find several headings on my blog - click through to learn more about me and find links to posts regarding things such as workouts, fanfiction, my web comic (coming soon!), current obsessions, and more.